of airport transportation partners

What We Do

Easy data entry via mobile app and web-based options

Streamline billing with integration to AAAE’s ABT solution

One-click reports give you activity insights and revenue visibility

Real-time driver tracking is available with our app

How It Helps

Pickups / Drop-offs are shown on a single dashboard

Manage partners and give them access to manage their drivers & vehicles

Geo-fencing technology tracks airport entry and exit

Ride Track brings transportation partner data into clear view for accurate tracking and billing.

Our onboarding and training process is designed to help your transportation partners be successful without having to change their current business processes.  We built Ride Track with flexible data entry capabilities from our mobile app and web-based dispatcher dashboard to help encourage 100% tracking by partners.

Ride Track’s dashboard works alongside partner systems and processes. Partners can audit their activity to ensure accurate reporting to airports.

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Ride Track is a seamless solution that enhances revenue and strengthens transportation partnerships.

We apologize, Ride Track is no longer accepting new customers.